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One of the greatest fears a parent can have is that their child gets involved with drugs. You cannot control every aspect of your child's life but you can positively influence them in making correct informed choices. You can do this by using the vast array of resources available nowadays, both online and in text books, allowing you to open a line of communication and more importantly, to get talking about drugs.

There is no doubt Gibraltar has a drug problem. Disturbingly, for many youths the consumption of drugs and alcohol has started to form a major part of their uncontrollable hedonistic or pleasure seeking culture, especially at weekends. It is a culture of alienation and an escape from reality.

After the research phase, which includes the important National Drug Prevalence Survey, is finalised, a New National Drug Strategy will be the main priority.

The National Drug Strategy for the next 5 years will be put together by the Interministerial Drug Control Policy Group, Chaired by the Chief Minister, the Honourable Fabian Picardo QC MP, and which also includes official agencies and other stakeholders.

The Drug Strategy will be based on the provision of prevention services, treatment and care, and harm reduction, and will include education and measures to reduce the supply of drugs and drug-related crime.

The document will also incorporate campaigns and a range of awareness initiatives to support parents and others with the purpose of empowering them to discuss and discourage drug use with their children.

DRUGWISE - is the first Government dedicated Drug Website.

It is an important online initiative aimed at parents, family members and adults, including professionals in the field. An important part of the website has been designed with young people and teens in mind - ‘DRUGZ.GI’ has been created for them and provides information, educational advice, guidance and help, hopefully enabling youngsters to make better-informed decisions. 


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DrugWise contains a wide range of information and useful material for the young and old generations alike. This Website will hopefully assist parents and guardians to connect with young children and teenagers by providing appropriate information and useful tips.

You can also contact official services like HM GOG's Drug and Alcohol Services and local community support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to obtain further information on drugs.

It is important to remember that, for most young people, illegal drug taking is not part of normal life and most who do try drugs do not continue using them. However, it is also prudent to be aware of the facts surrounding drugs and to convey these to your child at the earliest possible opportunity.

Illegal and prescribed drugs taken inappropriately can be abused. This includes household products that, when consumed in any form, offer a mind altering effect.

With the benefit of hindsight, parents are all too aware of the negative effects peer pressure can have on a child during the impressionable years as a teenager or a young adult. Furthermore the dangers of experimentation with drugs is well documented, potentially leading to addiction, criminal activity or, ultimately, death.

Children may be involved with legal or illegal drugs in various ways. Experimentation with drugs during adolescence is common but on occasions younger children do consume drugs in one form or another. Unfortunately in most cases, children are oblivious to the consequences their actions can have; both on their future and on others.


National Household Drug Survey 2019
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