Family Support - Help Line Services

Support for families is available from a number of sources: Community Drug & Alcohol Services run by the Government of Gibraltar or Non-Governmental Organisations and Charity groups. Many provide support and information for families to maintain their dignity and sanity when a family member is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Many of the addiction treatment services provide support for families:

Community Drug & Alcohol Services - 2nd Floor City Hall

Tel: +350 20043589

Bruce’s Farm Rehabilitation Centre-Upper Rock

Tel: +350 20048444

Mental Welfare Officers - Primary Care Centre ICC

Tel: +350 20071386

Families Anonymous - Mid Harbours Community Centre

Meetings every thursday 9pm - 11pm

Tel: +350 54070676

Narcotics Anonymous, Nazareth House 

Tel: +350 20073774

Alcoholics Anonymous, Nazareth House

Tel: +350 20073774


Tel:  8008


Tel: 199

Police General enquiries 

Tel: +350 20072500

GHA Ambulance Service

Tel: 190

Confidential Drugs Hotline

Tel: +350 20077677