Rehabilitation Services in Gibraltar


We are able to offer a range of programmes within various settings which can be adapted to suit the individual’s particular needs. We work very closely with many statutory and voluntary bodies to ensure that each person gets the best possible help.  

These include:

  • Residential Rehabilitation: Based at Bruce’s Farm Rehabilitation Centre
  • Community Rehabilitation: Operating from our offices in the City Hall and Mid Harbours Family Centre
  • Prison : For any inmate with drug or alcohol dependency issues.

These services provide a continuity of care where any person in any of these settings can access help no matter what their circumstances.

Bruces Farm




Bruce's Farm is a residential treatment Centre for Alcoholism, Drug Dependency and other forms of addictive behaviours.

The Centre was inaugurated in 1999 and is funded by the Government of Gibraltar and run by the Government's Drug & Alcohol Services.

Bruce’s Farm has been one of Gibraltar’s success stories in facing up to the consequences of addiction and has helped hundreds of people struggling with various types of addictions, as well as helping their families.

We ensure that those who approach us for help are are dealt with in a swift, professional and confidential manner. 

All referrals from any interested party are welcome on the provision that the:

• prospective client possesses the motivation to enter residential rehabilitation and has a desire to attempt recovery. 

• that the prospective client has a valid, up-to-date, Gibraltar-issued European Health Insurance Card - E111

The procedure for admission entails an assessment for suitability and motivation conducted by a member of the counselling team followed by an appointment with a General Practioner and (where more complex needs are present) a review by the Consultant Psychiatrist who holds regular clinics at Bruce's Farm. This process can appear very challenging, but our staff will be able to guide you throughout all this process and will arrange any necessary appointments for you.

The residential programme lasts approximately twelve weeks. During this time, patients will be appointed a focal counsellor, participate in regular group sessions  and lectures and learn about their own addiction and how to avoid relapses.

There is also a focus on other activities such as a gym, yoga lessons, occupational therapy, gardening, organised outings and recreation time for patients to dedicate to their hobbies or interests.

A further, important development was the establishment in 2015 of a halfway house for those who complete the treatment at Bruce’s Farm. 

A halfway house is a type of  home that helps people with addictions work through the process of reintegrating back into society. A halfway house serves as a transitional point between drug and alcohol treatment and a healthy, productive life.

Most experts believe that a research-based, residential treatment programme that is customized to an individual’s needs is the most effective method to achieve and maintain recovery. Whether this programme includes 12-Step aspects, is based on the 12-Step concept, or other proven treatment approaches, it’s important that care is customized to the individual. Working with an addiction treatment professional is a good way to find the treatment modality that is appropriate for each person, leading to the best path to recovery.

With regards to drug & alcohol addiction, the most important thing to keep in mind is that rehabilitation from addiction is a lifelong process that is highly treatable. Through positive support and continuation of treatment, any individual can overcome the triggers that lead to their addictive behaviours. 

Places like Bruce’s Farm are crucial in creating the safe and supportive environment people need for recovery.

Many addiction treatment services use the 12-Step philosophy pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The basic premise of this model is that people can support one another achieve and maintain abstinence from substances of abuse. Although the programme makes reference to God, it is NOT a religious programme and anybody undertaking the programme with us is encouraged to follow their own beliefs, if they so wish. The 12-Step has proved to be hugely successful. Read about the 12-Steps here.

Every person completing a period of rehabilitation with us is introduced to voluntary groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Families Anonymous, and we encourage them to keep going to meetings as part of their aftercare and continued sobriety. This is essential because recovery efforts don’t end when rehab ends – aftercare and support from others are key elements of successful recovery in the long term.

If you have any questions relating to admissions, contact us on telephone number 20048444 or email on where a member of the team will be happy to help you. 



Over the years it has become evident that some persons are unable to commit to a twelve week residential programme. This may be because of work or family reasons or they might feel that the thought of a residential programme at that point in their lives is not the best choice.

In cases like these our team provides the option of a full community based programme which mirrors all aspects of the therapeutic programme at Bruce’s Farm.

It is important to note that if you decide to opt for a community programme and then decide a residential programme would suit you better we can refer you to Bruce’s Farm and enable you to continue your treatment there. Likewise Bruce’s Farm is able to refer persons to our community programme. In any case, our counsellors will always be available to help you make these important decisions.

Our community programme recognises that families of addicts will often need as much support and the addict themselves. Much of the work of our community based services involves working with spouses, children and persons close to addicts.

 If you have any questions relating to Community Counselling, contact us on 20043589, where a member of the team will be happy to help you. 


Bruces Farm


The link between drug and alcohol misuse and offending is well documented. Our services within HM Prison Windmill Hill are well established and one of our counsellors holds weekly clinics in this setting.

This service is open to any inmate, with the benefit that they can be referred to Bruce’s Farm upon release or as part of a Parole Licence. Additionally, many inmates choose to carry on seeing our community based counsellor upon completion of their sentence.



Aftercare is an important component of any treatment programme. Any person who has successfully completed a specified period of rehabilitation with us can attend our Aftercare services freely for as long as they need. The added benefit of this is that they can book a one to one session with a counsellor to deal with any concerns they may have after treatment.


Any person thinking about rehabilitation will often be concerned about how their withdrawal from drug or alcohol use will be managed. One recent and very positive development has been the introduction of a specialist GP at the Primary Care Centre who is able to provide advice and medical support during what can be a difficult time for many persons with substance dependencies. This service works closely with all our counsellors, both within residential and community settings. This service will continue to provide support from when you first contact us, throughout your period of treatment, and longer term for those with more complex health needs.