Support for Parents

Drugwise is one part of the Government's online, anti drug abuse initiative, supporting parents and others to discuss and discourage the legal and illegal use of drugs.

When it comes to talking about drugs, extensive research with parents and children has shown that young people appreciate parental advice and look to their parents for their views.

Your child will expect you to be informed, upfront and honest. If you show you are listening to them, they are more likely to listen to you.

One of the most effective deterrents to drug use amongst young people is a parent who actively engages with them – someone who talks with them about their friends, what goes on at school, their sporting activities and their interests.

The more parents and other family members get involved in children’s lives, the more positive young people will feel about themselves and the more likely they will be to respond favourably to their family’s views.

Specific campaign materials will also be developed to help young people and parents understand more about the harmful effects of illicit drug use.

One thing is certain; drug addiction is a complex condition that can damage many lives, especially those closest to the addicted person, their families, friends, children, colleagues....

Drug addiction is preventable. It is also treatable!