How can I prevent my child from becoming involved with drugs?

There is no sure way to prevent your child using drugs but you can decrease the chances of it happening if you:

  • Maintain good communication with your child; make sure they know they can talk to you if they have any concerns or issues.
  • Be interested in their activities and know who their friends are. Help with homework and convey them to and from sports and other activities.
  • Have open discussions with your child from a young age about drug use: what they would do if offered drugs? Explore examples, positives and negatives of use.
  • Encourage them not to drink or smoke. The longer you can delay this the less likely they are to use illegal drugs.
  • Make sure your own use of alcohol or other drugs is responsible. The best way to influence their behaviour is by example.
  • Inform yourself about drugs.
  • Praise and encourage healthy behaviour.
  • Have positive expectations for your children.
  • Set clear boundaries in your home.